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PKMN KA : Machie wants a RP. by Ryugan777
PKMN KA : Machie wants a RP.
I wanted to try drawing a chibi.... it looks decent!
Decided to use this as a little eye catcher to start some more RPs in the :iconpkmn-knight-academy:
So yeah: as a new member in the group, and because i have some free time, if you guys wanna Roleplay with me, just ask! Send me a note or a Skype invite, and let's play! ^^
Tremendoussale, adx, and many freaking other names of adware that makes your browsers covered in shitty ads...
Took me a while to finally install an antivirus, just in case (I thought I had one), but I spent HOURS trying to delete whatever cause those ads to ruin my days, because OF COURSE, those things are hidden in the many files of your hard drive, not as an accessible extension of the browser.

Any experience with that? Let us share the ad hate.
-: PKA : Machenzie 'Mach' Freescale :- by Ryugan777
-: PKA : Machenzie 'Mach' Freescale :-
It's Finally DONE
My Application for the :iconpkmn-knight-academy: is finally completed.
Maaaan, it took me a while... I hope I will be accepted. ^^

Before going to the main part, I would like to thank the awesome :iconrosiesakura: for showing me this group. Also, for borrowing the application pattern (sorry about that, I was scared to forgot something...). Thank you so much, Rosie.
Anyways, here is my OC!! Enjoy!

EDIT 1 (2015/08/03): Changed the clothes for a more medieval style. Edited the story and detailed the personality.


-Name: Machenzie Freescale
   Nicknames: Mach, Machie.

-Gender: Male

-Pokémon Species: Gabite (#444)

-Birthday: May 5th, he is actually 19 years old

-Height: 1,70 Meters

-Weight: 65 Kg.

Bullet; Green [+] Brave, he would do lots for justice. Loyal, you can trust him: he never betrays (except if you're an asshole). Positive, he is often happy. Gentle, he cares for the weak and the rest. Clever, his inventive mind got him out of trouble many times. Polite, maybe excessively, but well mannered (if those said manners are simple: luxury dining? He doesn't know much).
Bullet; Yellow [o] (Over)Protective, it can lead to an underestimation of a comrade... Simple-minded, he doesn't really look for complicated stuff. Curious. Yes, it can be good and bad. In many ways.
Bullet; Red [-] Can be aggressive, don't touch him where it hurts. Not really knowledgeable, he didn't go to a school of some sort. Sometimes bad mouthed, cuz', you know... slum talks. 

 Mach is a pure product of slavery and slums: if you wanna survive when you are weak, you have to do it with your mind... And some curiosity.
Since he was a teenager, he started to protect the ones who had nothing and get them the necessary to survive, making him some hero of the shadows. His mother always told him that Justice is something that needs to be spread like flower seeds to have the most beautiful gardens... And for him, if it means stealing the bad riches to help the good poor, then so be it: he shall dirty his hands or face some brutes to harvest some of those seeds...


 Slavery is something that isn't abolished everywhere in those times... Being the son of her mother, slave since her young age, and of a father he never met, he and her mother were the property of a man, master of a fruit and vegetables plantation. Despite their situation, the reasons of their slave situation didn't really matter, for even if they worked hard, their master was kind and cared for each one of his slaves. Food, Rest, Health care if needed, none of the slaves were mad, and some even stayed once their debt repaid as a butler or a cook... For Machenzie's mother, the debt would "be hard to repay", but she never told him what was her debt... But it didn't really matter, for his mother was kind, and his master some kind of father, he wouldn't mind working as hard as he could, before leaving once the debt repaid, to help whoever is in need of help... Because her mother taught him:

"help the ones in need, for they are part of a future they might change for the good with your help".

 But this life stopped abruptly: The death of the master, who raised many questions for he was young and healthy, led to a change of owner: The step brother of the master took the lead, and drastically changed the lives of the slaves... More work, more threats, less care... the morale fell down like leaves in fall: one by one, some slaves tried to flee, rebel, steal... And ended up whipped, tortured, and exposed as an example....

"Slaves? Yes, slaves, bound to obey the master's order... and by master, I mean "the one who owns the more money". Now go back to work"

 The life of the Gible took a U-turn as his mother died in his arms one night, after a week of suffering from an illness. The owner didn't even lift a finger for her... It was enough. The same night, taking advantage of his agility and his small size, he managed to flee through the fence of the plantation, running to the town. The last words of his mother were carved into his brain:

"I am sorry for not giving you what everyone should get... freedom."

 Starting as a beggar, he ended up stealing some food and money, then started to work in groups... but the idea of stealing the men of his last master caliber was tempting: it would be... justice. It would also help those other children in need of help. It would give them... a chance. He started, in some nights, to steal gradually bigger targets from owner of slaves, rich men stealing money from the weak, from the taxes... Enjoying a life without labor isn't something you should do. For the Gabite, the fruit of work is tastier than pre-chewed meat.

"Help the ones in need, bring them justice. They should do the same one day, who knows..."

Getting more and more popular from both sides, this "Robin Hood" of the town gained a solid reputation: stealing from the ugly riches, he was improving the condition of the slums, fighting anyone who would threaten the slums, sometimes using his fin blades, "JunkSlash", made from scraps of metal.. Even the police, scared of the power of those wealthy pigs couldn't resist ignoring a few shadows in the nights, around the palaces. Who would stop someone who brings more justice than a chained police?

"I am sorry, but we can't look for someone you didn't see... No matter how much money he stole, nor how much you would give us."

This agile dragon started to share his knowledge of lockpicking, stealing, moving, crafting, fighting, knowledge he slowly built up through years of jumping, collecting, dancing, brawling... He bestowed a legacy of justice thieves in his town, only entrusting it to people that would never use it for their own benefit only... But even if the Gabite became a pure product of the slums, ready to dance, fool around and act childish, he would never forget the tales of chivalry his mother would chant to him during the nights, on the couches.

"I wanna be a knight, a protector, so I could protect everyone worthy against the greedy ones..."

The Yarelts name then reached the slums... for him, it was his chance, his chance to act like a hero in the lights. He would leave the city behind, but his friends are now almost as good as him. He could leave a town where the slums would keep getting better... But the Yarelts Institute is far, and he would probably need money to start his life there... He suddenly realized that this was probably the best time to strike his one and only target, before leaving this town for a while, to get forgotten a bit... Since the day he left the plant This time, he shall be the one destroying your life.

"Why would I keep it? I know the police would relate it to his death, but I like keeping trophies: I got a whole plantation from him, it's worth keeping the tool of this acquisition."

"Machenzie, you're leaving?
-Yes, but don't worry, the others will take the lead.. you should be all safe.
-Where are you going? You don't have enough money to get there...
-Don't worry, I plan on getting something for a nice present to someone who would love some help...."

"I am coming for you. As they say in the stories, "thou shall get what thou deserveth, ya bitch!"

"Mister, I would like you to follow us right now.
-You are right on cue, I got robbed! The money of my vault: vanished! The slave contracts: ripped into pieces and burnt in the fire!
-Mister, you don't have any more rights now.
-Wh-What? I still have my plantation!
-Would you tell me what this bottle is? According to the paper dropped to the police mail box with it, it would be linked to the previous owner's deth.
-It's the poison I-.....
-... The poison you?
-...I won't speak without my attorney.
- Your attorney left the town, here is his letter of retirement. Now, follow me, you have a lot to say to us..."

It was in the cart that was going near Yarelts that Machie learned, from a letter from the slaves delivered by a pigeon, that the plantation was going to be held by the sister of the first master, who also abolished in good form the slaves, for all their services. The previous one also has been found culprit of the murder of the first master he knew, and the sentence will be pronounced soon, even if the death will probably come. The letter also contained the few words: "this is all we could send to you from her, we hope it will be enough".
"Hey, young boy: we are approaching the academy you're looking for... says the farmer, whipping softly the horses pulling the cart.
-Oh, yes, he answers, putting a pendant around his neck: a deep blue scale, from her mother... it was almost nothing, but for him, it was more than enough.
-You sure you wanna join? Beein' a knight ain' easy, boy...
-I know, but it's not like I came this far to turn back. It's actually a dream that might come true.
-A dream, hey? What is it?
-.... To cover this world with flowers of justice, smiles and freedom. He says, jumping off the cart and walking towards the towers of Yarelts.

"Yarelts, I came here to demonstrate myself worthy of wearing the colors of justice. I shall hope for the best, and prove that I can kick some ugly asses!" he whispers, before crossing the doors of the academy...

-Hobbies: Dancing, helping people, cooking, (trying to) study, training.

-House: Cobal (JUSTICE!!!!)

-Weapon: Fin Blades "JunkSlash": Armored pieces made to fit on the fins on his arm, making them sharp. Those are made from junk metal he polished and sharpened himself: despite their origins from junk, they look nice and efficient. He has two, and sometimes uses his claws.

-Class/SubClass: Rogue / Dual Weapons

-Extras/Fun Facts: 

 1) Her mother was named Marila.
 2) He barely knows anything about general culture: his mother didn't taught him much, for she wasn't knowledgeable herself. Barely knows how to read.
 3) He is a friend you would love to have on your side, but not against you.
 4) His eyes are white, but they turn black under an intense rage.
 5) He sometimes mixes the saying of the knights he admires with his "rude" slum language, making some funny sentences.
 6) He knows how to cook, he can do tasty things with a few ingredients. He isn't picky about it either, but home made things are "fuckin' worthy of praise"
 7) His clothes are hand made. He bought a few clothes with money, just in case, for the institution, but he prefers his nicely customised clothes, once again made with leftovers and junk.
 8) His fins and fangs on legs are retractable but he likes to let them be open.
 9) His "horns" are a sensitive point... REALLY sensitive.
 10) Because they were mostly boys, and all the girls were acting like boys to feel stronger, he never spoke to a "normal" girl... He knows little about them.
 11) He is a handy man: he can repair clothes and craft a few things. Helped him quite a lot.
 12) A few things can make him angry, but don't look for them. You don't want him to get angry. Trust me, you DON'T.
 13) He dances well. He has favorite styles and musics, but he can dance to most. He is also a decent singer.
 14) Yes, his body is covered in scales. And Yes, if it would help, he would give some.
(Might add more)

Wanna RP with me?
-Send me a DA note too RP directly or ask my Skype name! Honestly, Skype is better for me. ^^
-I love any RP besides gore and crazy stuff... From action to sexy. Yes, I said sexy. I am 20, damnit!

((Note to the admins:
-Don't hesitate to tell me what is wrong, I'll correct it right away.
-I followed you when you were looking for new admins. I can still help.))
I know, I don't post many journals.
But I recently decided to start making more... I just wanted a subject.
And I think I found one:

Being an otaku, with his mangas and games, sure means you get hyped for announcements...
The E3 is probably the greatest video game convention that exists.
And today (minutes ago, in fact), I discovered something about Metroid.

Little bit of History, down memory space:

My very first Metroid game I owned and played was Metroid Fusion, which is still, in my opinion, one of the best video games ever on the GBA.
I played it when I was young, and this game taught me that you should never judge a game by its cover, nor its bits:
This game is filled to the brim by suspense: You are the only person alive in a space station where biological studies and experiments were held, infested with parasites that mimics every organism it consumes, without your armor (yes, you start without powers in all the Metroid games... but here, you don't even have your power suit! You are in some kind of bio-suit that is one heck of a design. You're almost naked!), while your said armor wanders around, infested with the parasite, armed with all your best weapons (Ice ray, Power bombs and super Missiles are included in this walking nightmare), and of course, trying to kill you.
Alone against parasites that you can absorb once destroyed, thanks to a vaccine created from the last Metroid, a killing machine that is -or was- your armor, and an universe to save.
This game took me HOURS to finish because I often ended up shutting the GBA off because I was too fucking scared.
Now that I play it with my 20 springs, I can tell that this game is one heck of a jewel. Sure gave me a hard time when I was young.
After that, Metroid took my attention: Metroid Prime, Prime Hunters... I played what I could play on my DS, and looked at walkthrough and let's plays on the net for the games I couldn't get.

After learning about the timeline, watching games and mangas (yes, there is a metroid manga), I became a fan.

Hold up! It's been years since the last Metroid!
The story isn't complete!
There might be a new metroid!

Wait, what am I seeing?

.... No... You just did not do that?
Did you really change Metroid Prime Hunter (which was an okay game) into a 4 player coop shooting/adventure game?
And a freaking SOCCER GAME?

... Where is Samus?

.... Nintendo, tell me this is a joke...


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Tremendoussale, adx, and many freaking other names of adware that makes your browsers covered in shitty ads...
Took me a while to finally install an antivirus, just in case (I thought I had one), but I spent HOURS trying to delete whatever cause those ads to ruin my days, because OF COURSE, those things are hidden in the many files of your hard drive, not as an accessible extension of the browser.

Any experience with that? Let us share the ad hate.

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